Sourcing talent from overseas

If you can’t find the right people in Australia, we are able to assist you with finding talent overseas.

Being a registered migration agent means talking to talented professionals willing to come to Australia from all over the world on a day-to-day basis. We pride ourselves for providing great customer service and keep in touch with clients or prospective clients, even if they do not meet requirements for independent migration.

Our clients and prospective clients can be Engineers, Builders, Nurses, IT specialists, Procurement specialists and other professionals. They make a rich talent pool for employers seeking to sponsor overseas workers on subclass 457.

Here is how we can assist your organisation:

  • We source overseas candidates by using a multi-prolonged approach – our database, targeted search, industry networking & social media.
  • We manage the three steps process of 457 application:
  1. SBS (Standard Business Sponsor) application, which means that your organisation will be able to sponsor overseas employees for a period of 3 years if you are an established business or 1 year if you are a new business.
  2. Employer Position Nomination, which means that your organisation can nominate an overseas worker for a particular role in your organisation.
  3. Your overseas nominee visa application, which means that an overseas worker will hold a 457 visa and will be able to work at your organisation for a period of 4 years if you are an established business or 1 year if you are a new business.
  • We assist your overseas employee with settlement in Australia. The settlement process will start while they are still in their home country and will include finding accommodation, getting insurance, finding schools or universities for children, counselling them on cultural sensitivity and much more.


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