Privacy policy

uMBA Australia provides this site for informational purposes and as a resource for our existing and prospective clients. We are committed to maintaining your privacy while using this site.

​uMBA Australia may retrieve personal information gathered on this site either by you directly (for example by filling out an online form on this site) or indirectly (for example by monitoring traffic on this site).

​When directly providing us with information – this information will be retained only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the information was collected or as required by law. We do not share personal information with third parties except as necessary to carry out our business or as required by law. If information is to be shared with a third party we will ask you for permission before you submit this information. We will never sell your personal information.

​You are entitled to know whether we hold information about you and, if we do, to have access to that information and require it to be corrected if it is inaccurate. You can do this by contacting uMBA Australia at

​The contents of this statement are subject to change and are not intended to create a contract between uMBA Australia and any individual visiting the site or who provides us with their personal information.