The most in demand jobs and skills in Australia

According to the latest Manpower survey, skill shortages prevented 38% of Australian firms filling job vacancies last year.

In particular, the survey found vacancies in skilled trades, engineering and executive positions were amongst the hardest to fill.

The latest skilled internet vacancy index (IVI) report was put together and released by the Australian Government. The report shows that the occupational group with the most vacancies is currently professional workers. Reflective of population size, along with recent economic performance, NSW, Victoria and Queensland have the highest number of vacancies across the country.

As part of the survey, Manpower detailed what jobs currently have the highest demand from employers across the country.

Jobs most in demand in 2016 in Australia:

  1. Skilled trades
  2. Engineers
  3. Management/ executives
  4. Sales representatives
  5. IT Staff
  6. Accounting and Finance staff
  7. Doctors and other non-nursing health professionals
  8. Technicians
  9. Office Support staff
  10. Drivers

Source (Business Insider Australia).