6 Reason’s to study in Australia

Here are some of the real reasons why to choose Australia over other English speaking countries when it comes to studying overseas. It’s not secret:

  • Australian education offers great outcomes. It’s not secret that an Australian economy is booming  and there are a lot of job opportunities especially in rural areas in such industries as mining, engineering, IT, accounting, motor mechanics… Australian employers are not always able to satisfy their stuff needs from the local labour market. Therefore, from time to time, Australian government introduces various programs to fill in the gap. One of the examples is that recent graduates from Australian universities can now be eligible for the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa. Depending on a qualification, this visa allows Australian graduates to stay in Australia for up to four years, to gain valuable work experience.
  •  Australia is one of not many countries where international students can work while studying.
  • This is a great news for those who don’t come from rich families and must support themselves during years of study. When I arrived in Australia 14 years ago, I attended a college and worked in the supermarket 20 hours a week as a checkout chick (checkout assistant).  The money was enough to pay for my shared accommodation, food and going out activities such as movies…International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week and 40 hours during school holidays. Finding a part – time job will depend on your experience, communication skills, persistence and positive attitude…
  • Australia has rigorous consumer protection. Most Australian universities and other education providers are very proud of their reputation. A lot of them have worked hard for the privilege of having international students due to rigorous government regulations. Therefore, it is in their interest to provide international students with the best services they can.
  • Majority of Australian universities have partnered up with some English schools and professional colleges.  What that means is that even if you don’t qualify for entering a bachelor degree at a university due to incompletion of high school certificate or poor English language, there are various pathways that can lead you to your dream profession.
  • Australia is a great place for surfing, fishing, swimming, rugby and cricket playing, meeting great people and generally living. Australia has been recognized as the best country to live in quite a few times in the last few years by various units. Here is one of the examples …

When it comes to cost of education, it might seem like a high price to pay at a glance, please remember however that this is your investment for your future…a brighter future.